My Whole-Foods Plant-Based diet and lifestyle have been a journey worth a million words.

As a typical Filipino college student who grew up consuming heavily processed food and animal-based meals, I started this lifelong expedition unprepared — especially for what I had to give up.

I grew up loving the occasional lechon manokcaldereta, and beef steak, as well as the usual canned corned beef, beef loaf, and “tinapa” (canned sardines) which I almost always eat raw (I know… gross!).

My favorite birthday dish was always the Filipino-style Spaghetti with hotdogs or meatballs.

Now, treading towards a holistic and healthy life, whenever I miss the memories of my childhood-favorite animal-based dishes, especially my good old specialty “sunny-side-up egg,” I just recreate them using… you guessed it — PLANTS!

I love LIFE — not only my own but also of all the animals and the environment, ergo, the WORLD as a whole.

Essence of Veganism

Anyone who’s found themselves fighting for a principle has most likely stumbled upon it in a quite surprising way.

For me, it only means one thing. In most of our lives, we’ve been blinded by both appetite and greed.

We may have once been innocent, but nothing compels us to move forward with the principles we’ve learned than a guilt-stricken conscience—of our past abusive deeds toward animals and the environment—and a desire to do those deeds no longer.

Hence, my journey to becoming — and staying — a WFPB vegan.