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If you want to visit a very easily accessible tea house that serves excellent vegan noodles, here’s a great option: Meiman Tea House. Know more about this favorite vegan tea house that serves delish vegan meals as you read on.

Front part of the tea house

I just came back from Yingge District for my first ever pottery experience. I went out of the pottery with a fresh new perspective on ceramics. Going back to Taipei, I was still in awe over the master-crafted ceramic bowls, pots and other exquisite masterpieces.

So much for that, I looked for a vegan restaurant to have my dinner and bumped into this place. Inside the vicinity are amazing bowls made by Taiwanese master potters. I did not expect that ceramics would go after me till dinner (LOL) but it was really great.

I couldn’t find an English sign outside (as seen in the picture above), luckily, the attendant communicates in English well.

As soon as I took my seat, they offered me cups of warm Oolong tea for free. The chefs and the attendants were nice and accommodating. Here are the meals I ordered for the cold winter night:

Meaty Vegan Dumplings
Spicy Potato Noodles
Potato Noodles with sides

One bowl of noodles is actually good for 2-3 persons but since I was tired from the trip and I couldn’t get enough of their potato noodles, I took two: the spicy and original. I also took in a serve of meaty vegan dumplings filled with savory veggies and vegan meat that perfectly hooks my brain to the traditional Taiwanese dish taste.

I also love the sides. I didn’t expect there’d be a pair of sides per bowl of noodles but I did, I would’ve expected it to be so satisfying enough to drench me in Taiwanese culture — and they never fell short. I had a great experience in the place.

Apart from the meals, they also offer desserts, and of course, their very own self-crafted tea products. With the house-special Oolong tea, they offered me, I could say, you really must try it yourself. You’ll love tea more than ever!

As for their prices, I’d say, it’s bang-for-the-buck! I actually had everything at a great price.

Meiman Menu

If you can’t read Chinese characters yet, as I mentioned, the attendant can communicate in English well. Just enter in and they’ll attend to your needs.

More than all of the above, what I like about this tea house is that it’s very accessible.

Unlike the other vegan cafes and restaurants I’ve been to, this one’s very easy to find. You’ll just need to turn your face left once you get out of the Exit 7 of Dongmen Station and you’re there.

There you go! Take a relaxing time at Meiman Tea House when you come to Taipei, Taiwan or learn more.

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