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I never had enough of Taiwan. From all the exciting trips and adventures to the mouthwatering food, I believe there’s always more this small country has in store for me. But this ain’t time for me to share stuff about the trip (it’s gonna be a very long story), so, I’ll share to you one of my favorite dining spots that you might also want to visit as a globetrotting vegan strolling around the beautiful streets of Taipei

Miss Green Cafe

After a long ride on a Maokong Gondola and an enjoyable stroll on Zhinan Road (around Maokong Station), we looked for a vegan restaurant to have a relaxing warm dinner. We later found ourselves in awe inside Miss Green Cafe.

Like most of the other vegan spots I visited, this one’s in Da’an District as well. Luckily, the cafe is just minutes away from Exit 2 of Xinyi Anhe Station. I walked my way to the place with my travel buddy and, as I said, we were in awe.

Incredible Interior

It may look like a typical cafe on the inside, but for me who’s a “cafe-hopper” (or so they say), their choice of decor was awesome.

It’s INCREDIBLE because it’s my first time seeing hanging real plants as decoration in a cafe. There were also plants on the wall as well. It was crazy but uniquely stylish! There were many things hanging around the sides yet they’re not awful. They actually look good, and I might’ve been able to appreciate the overall style even more during the daytime. Maybe I should go back next time for lunch; by then I’d have a better view of everything inside.

Colorful Menu

And just as much as I enjoyed the amusing interior, I also much enjoyed the colorful menu!

As you can see, they have great food choices — from meals to drinks.

Our Fine Dinner

We ordered Neapolitan Classic Pasta and House Made Coconut Curry and they’re absolutely lip-smacking! Hey, you should try them too!

Aesthetic Desserts

That time, the cafe displayed their home-made vegan cakes, cupcakes, and other desserts in different flavors that must have probably tasted so goooood. I would have bought some if only it wasn’t so late in the evening (can’t eat too much at night for some secret reason (LOL).

Wanna be in a place where you can work on your laptop with greens around you, delicious vegan food choices, and great ambiance? Miss Green Cafe is absolutely what you’re looking for!

Simply take the MRT red line and stop at Xinyi Anhe Station. Take Exit 2 and walk your way to the spot.

Dig-in or simply hang-out at Miss Green Cafe! Don’t forget to share your experience down the comments below. Stay happy, healthy, and most of all, compassionate!

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