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I’ve recently been to some of the cheapest and bang-in-the-buck vegan restaurant finds in my fave place (ofc TW. What else. *wink*) until last month [December] when I tried out the most expensive vegan restaurant I’ve been to so far.

And I’m telling you, it’s so worth it! Especially if you’re a big eater like me. Lol. So, what’s the name?

It’s read “Guo Ran Hui”

“Fruitful Food”

Yup, the name’s “Guo Ran Hui” or “Fruitful Food.”

Been eyeing on this buffet restaurant for months and I finally got to try it at the end of 2018.

I had an unforgettable funny experience with this hotpot that only the chefs and I knew. Not telling but just one tip: keep your head up and read.

I went there without looking at reviews and descriptions first – bringing with me the expectation that it’s an “All Vegan” heaven for me. And so, I did gulp in a lot of desserts without the necessary precautions and realized it’s Vegan-Vegetarian when my lactose-intolerant stomach started to hit the stage.

So, if you’re lactose intolerant or strict vegan, be cautious with the desserts. Although some of them are actually vegan, a few of them pretty much contain cow’s milk.

I took a lot of Tiramisu glasses, TBH. And yep, these have cow’s milk.

Let’s get to the directions part. It’s located on the 12th floor of the MingYue Department Store in Daan District. Open everyday from 11:30am-9:30pm. Make sure to make a reservation first before heading there as it’s a reservation-basis restaurant.

One great thing I just discovered about the building is that aside from the fact that it has some popular clothing stores, you can also find Space Cycle gym/hall. If you want to get sweat and take a short cycling class before or after treating yourself a good vegan buffet, you have it all in one building. Get sweat while being moved by the music at Space Cycle Taiwan. Just hop on the elevator in front of the entrance of Uniqlo Clothing Store outside of the building and press on the floor you like to visit first.

Side note: if you’re familiar with Soul Cycle, Space Cycle is its Asian version.

I’m an interior design and organizing enthusiast and I apply it in my overall judgment especially in restaurants and buffets as it adds up to the feel — and the “feel” adds up to our appetite. For me, aesthetics (from design, organization, and food) plays a huge part in a perfect dining experience. And yes, the whole place took a huge wave of aesthetics! So here are the pictures I took inside the vicinity.

As I said, it’s a LUXURY BUFFET and it’s expensive. Nonetheless, you’ll get more than what you pay for. The staff are very accommodating and are always willing to help you anytime you wish to tap on them. Overall, it’s very recommendable and worth the bill.

Next time you hop on Taipei, visit 果然匯 Fruitfulfood. Experience a healthy luxury buffet and go home with a full smile — and of course, stomach!

What do you think?