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Way back year 2002, I became addicted to a soap opera that I’d rush my way out from school just to not get even a minute short of the TV series. It’s called “Meteor Garden” in the Philippines or 流星花園 (Liúxīng Huāyuán) in Taiwan. Yes, Taiwan. And it became the first Asian country I’ve ever dreamed of setting my tingly feet on.

Dreams Come True

Well, guess what, dreams do happen! But since I got vegan, I was a bit sad knowing that my long-time dream-place is notable for its exotic meat-consisting delicacies and cuisines.

I thought I couldn’t experience vegan food, restaurants, and shops there until I found out that Taiwan is actually noted by CNN as one of the best cities for vegans around the world!

“About 13% of the country, or 1.7 million, does not eat meat, and Taipei has a lion’s share of the island’s vegan-friendly restaurants and markets”

Travis Levius, CNN. “The best cities for vegans around the world” April 11, 2017

Taiwan: A Vegan’s Haven

The number of meat-eating individuals in Taiwan has dropped down with the predominance of Buddhism in the country. Apart from that, there are some Taiwanese people as well who personally went cruelty-free for the purpose of contributing to a healthier and more sustainable environment.

One Taiwanese friend I have once told me that Taiwan is far different now from then in terms of the weather. It was cooler long before, even in the southern part of the island while the temperature now has apparently elevated to 27°C on average per day and mostly goes up to a maximum of 36°C during daytime in Taipei City alone for June 2018, according to Taiwan Weather. (If you’ve watched Cowspiracy and other documentaries, you’ll understand this. *winks*)

But, instead of casting ourselves in the gloomy shadows, why not try to do our part as educated humans? Let’s leave that sad part for now and enjoy nature while healing it in return.

And speaking of “healing it in return,” I’ll show you the waste-free, ecologically-safe, and cheapest vegan eatery I’ve tried in my favorite and loved Formosa – the birthplace of my childhood dreams. The best part? It’s a buffet!

The Cheapest Vegan Buffet In Taiwan

Well, of course, this is just the cheapest among the buffet restaurants I’ve found.

If you have found an even cheaper one, let me know in the comments down below!

A Mouthwatering Variety of Food

What we ordered from our first visit. We had lunch at 3PM, and there weren’t many customers, so the owner gave us a huge discount (we paid in half).
Over-all Price: 80 NTD 
This was on our second visit. We paid a little higher because you’re only supposed to have one plate per meal (inclusive of rice bowl). An added plate is equivalent to another person. Also, it was exactly lunch time so, we paid the original price. 
Over-all Price: 240
You get to choose your dishes from the right to the left where the owner (the one in pink) is standing.

Check Out This Affordable Vegan Restaurant!

If you want to experience a healthy and delicious budget meal in Taiwan, visit this locally popular Vegetarian Restaurant at Neihu District. You will surely keep coming back for more!

Thanks to Google Maps, I didn’t have to worry about finding this place! It’s located in No. 179, Kinlong Road, Neihu District, Taipei City, 114. Just a 10-minute walk from the flat I’m staying in at JinHu Road.

Most photos of this vegan restaurant in Neihu

Click on the left and right arrows to see the other photos!

You’ll Love The Hospitable Owner Here

To end this post, I’d like to thank the owner for her hospitality. Despite the language barrier, she always made sure we were having a great mealtime. She and her husband were very nice to us. The overall experience during my two visits was exceptional!

Experience it for yourself too, you’ll never regret going there. After all, there’s no loss in trying their hearty yet cheap meals. Just advantages. For the last note, remember that wherever you go —  whether for animals, health, society, or nature — always dine with a big heart.

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