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I was looking for a vegan place to try out for dinner and I came to this part of the list: About Animals. Admittedly, most of the best vegan/plant-based restaurants and cafes that I like in Taipei are situated in Da’an District. And well, this one’s one of the best!

Yummy Tempeh

We ordered Tempeh Salad and Sesame Cashew Curry for dinner, and I’m telling you, the taste was priceless! Their best-sellers and flagship food are their Vegan Burgers in multiple flavors/styles. Try them out!

This is the menu. I couldn’t take a better shot but, hopefully, this is good enough.

An Admirable Activism

The two things in a particular place that catch a soulful explorer are content and passion and this cafe has its fair share of them.

Apart from the obvious fact that it’s animal-friendly, it’s also LGBTQ-friendly. The admirable activism is part of the cafe’s theme. So, don’t be surprised if you see the six-colored flags inside the vicinity. You can definitely feel safe in there, don’t miss it.

Planning a trip to Taiwan? Check out About Animals cafe on Instagram @aboutanimalszr and don’t forget to visit the About Animals Cafe.

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