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Using My Shopping Box to Ship From the US to the Philippines

Do you reside in the Philippines and love to order products from Amazon US? Shipping can be a bit of a problem, right?

Of course, it can be costly. Well, most Amazon shippings are free, but only if you reside within the US!

But what if you have some sort of US address where your products can be delivered for free, and from there, just shipped to the Philippines for an affordable rate?

Now that’s fantastic ⁠— and that’s exactly what My Shopping Box can do for you.

Read on to know how it works.

1. Register to My Shopping Box

Creating a My Shopping Box account is pretty straightforward. Simply click here to get started.

You’ll then be redirected to the following sign-up page. Just fill in your personal details and click on “Register.”

how to create a my shopping box account

Check your email for any email verification requirement. Once your account is verified, you should be able to sign in to my-shoppingbox.com.

2. Check Your Billing and Delivery Address

After signing in, go ahead to your Account page and click on Billing & Delivery.

my shopping box philippine delivery address

If yours doesn’t have any saved address, you can simply add one here.

3. Copy Your US Shipping Address

Upon registration, you’re automatically assigned a U.S.A. shipping address.

By the way, there’s also one for Europe shipping — something that should be useful in case you’re ordering a product that comes with free shipping to anywhere in Europe.

Now, just stay on your account page, and then click the “For U.S.A. Shipping” heading at the sidebar. (Notice the “For Europe Shipping” tab right below it.)

us shipping address my shopping box

Just take note of this detailed US address. You need to enter this information to your Amazon account as your delivery address.

4. Enter Your US Shipping Address at Amazon

Log in to your Amazon account and update your address book at amazon.com/a/addresses/.

Click on “Add Address” (see screenshot below).

add us address to amazon account

Enter your My-Shopping Box US Shipping Address on the next page.

enter my shopping box address to amazon

By the way, you don’t need to add any additional delivery instructions. Just fill in your My-Shopping Box US Address details and you’ll be good to go.

5. Shop and Check Out

Suppose you’re ordering the Vitamix A2300 Ascent Smart Blender from Amazon. You can now check out the product and have it delivered for free to your US Shipping Address!

Just be sure to select your US address as the delivery address, and then choose the free shipping option.

free shipping to us address

6. Check Your Shopping Box

On the date of delivery, you may check your “My Shopping Box” tab to see if your item has been successfully delivered to your US address.

my shopping box packages that have arrived

You should see your order on this page.

Once this page is updated with your item on, you can simply click on the item and follow My Shopping Box’s instructions to have the item shipped to your local address.

I don’t have pending orders at the moment, so, unfortunately, I could not show you a sample. But everything should be straightforward from here on.

(For my future orders, I’ll make sure I could take screenshots so I can show you the process. In the meantime, you can throw your questions in the comment section below.)

7. Monitor Your Package

Once your delivery details are finalized, you should be able to monitor the delivery of your package under the “Packages in Transit” tab.

Mine already shows “delivered” since this was an old order (2018).

package in transit sample book order

Note that for a book with dimensions: 13.5″ x 9.5″ x 3.3″ (L x W x H), the shipping by sea only costs $8.97.

generated receipt my shopping box

If I ordered the same book at Amazon and had it shipped directly to Cebu City, Philippines, the shipping would cost a whopping $42.99!

That means I saved $34.02 or around Php1,700.00 in shipping costs just by having my order shipped through My Shopping Box.

You might notice, though, that shipping directly from Amazon could take only 10 to 19 days.

comparison amazon shipping direct to cebu philippines

But shipping time shouldn’t be much of an issue with My Shopping Box.

They actually offer to ship either by air or by sea. If you choose to ship by air, it should take only 10 to 12 days for your package to arrive.

The image below indicates the current My Shopping Box shipping rates with their corresponding delivery time. (You may also check out My Shopping Box’s Pricing page for any updates.)

shipping rates at my shopping box

I chose the ship-freight for my first order since it was the cheapest option, and I wasn’t in a rush to receive my order anyway.

Well, I also tried the air-freight in my next order. Still, the shipping rate was so much cheaper compared to any attempt at shipping directly to the Philippines from Amazon.

generated receipt for 2nd order at my shopping box, order by air

8. Receive Your Package with a Smile

Thank goodness you won’t be left clueless as to what time your package should arrive at home. The delivery guy should be able to send you a message ahead of time so you can prepare to receive the package.

Note that for my shipping-by-sea order, I’ve been able to receive my package 59 days after ordering it for shipping.

For the one shipped by air, it arrived 12 days after I’ve placed my shipping order.

So, my packages arrived on time, thus far!

text message before delivery by my shopping box

Anyway, for future references, you can just revisit your previous orders under the “Packages Delivered” tab in your My Shopping Box account page.

packages delivered by my shopping box

In my experience, My Shopping Box was such a huge help. I’m still planning to order a few Amazon products, especially those that I and Blessy would be needing for our vegan/plant-based kitchen.

Now, how about you?

Try My Shopping Box Now!

Looks like you finally have a way now to order from Amazon US without having to spend so much on shipping costs.

Aren’t you interested?

You can quickly sign up for a My Shopping Box account here. Registration is free!

What do you think?