Hello! I’m Blessy — a Philippine-based health-and-wellness writer and blogger, recipe developer, and food photographer.

I specialize in a Whole-Foods Plant-Based Diet, having earned a Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate from T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies.

My lifestyle revolves around a zero-processed-oil, Whole-Foods Plant-Based (WFPB) diet. I create, recreate, and develop various recipes into healthy no-oil vegan and WFPB dishes.

Hi! I’m Karen — a Whole-Foods Plant-Based (WFPB) lifestyle enthusiast and an animal rights activist — in my own way. 😉

I’m also based in the Philippines.

My passion is in writing, and I love dealing with techie stuff.

Although my background is in Physics, I like dissecting topics of huge relevance to our present health conditions and environmental challenges.

I believe in giving everyone — including animals — the chance to live a healthier and more abundant life, in terms of what we eat now and how we treat one another, and everything in between.

Why We’re Doing What We’re Doing

Anyone who’s found themselves fighting for a principle has most likely stumbled upon it in a quite surprising way.

For us, it only means one thing. In most of our lives, we’ve been blinded by both appetite and greed.

We may have once been innocent, but nothing compels us to move forward with the principles we’ve learned than a guilt-stricken conscience — of our past abusive deeds toward animals and the environment — and a desire to do those deeds no longer.

Hence, our journey to becoming — and staying — WFPB vegans.

Blessy’s Story

My Whole-Foods Plant-Based diet and lifestyle have been a journey worth a million words.

As a typical Filipino college student who grew up consuming heavily-processed food and animal-based meals, I started this lifelong expedition unprepared — especially for what I had to give up.

I grew up loving the occasional lechon manokcaldereta, and beef steak, as well as the usual canned corned beef, beef loaf, and “tinapa” (canned sardines) which I almost always eat raw (I know… gross!).

My favorite birthday dish was always the Filipino-style Spaghetti with hotdogs or meatballs.

Now, treading towards a holistic and healthy life, whenever I miss the memories of my childhood-favorite animal-based dishes, especially my good old specialty “sunny-side-up egg,” I just recreate them using… you guessed it — PLANTS!

I love LIFE — not only my own but also of all the animals and the environment, ergo, the WORLD as a whole.

Curious about my lifestyle shift? Know more about my story here.

Karen’s Story

I was but a child when I first learned of the word “vegetarian,” and childlike has been my reaction to it. I didn’t understand.

I didn’t understand why people chose to eat veggies only — thinking that meat was so much more appetizing.

It was only in college when I finally had a taste of what it is to be like them. I mean those veggie guys.

While studying outside of my hometown, I was exposed to lectures on health and the benefits of vegetarianism. Miraculously, when I decided to try the diet, an organic vegetarian restaurant opened near my place.

Coincidence? Well, I’d say it was a happy one.

Anyway, the details of that experience are quite long, so I’d rather reserve my substories in our future posts. Suffice it to say that I was convinced. Enough to turn me into a vegan, even.

What you need to know for now is that through all those years, I’ve fluctuated and failed. Yep, mine was rather a bumpy ride.

But with every ounce of experience I’ve gathered, my mind was soon made up.

Being a whole-foods plant-based (WFPB) vegan is, indeed, a blessing.

In fact, it’s the healthiest way to live. For my body, for my mind, for my conscience, and for my overall outlook in life.

So, I’d say that if you still have doubts about this lifestyle, I think you just need to try. Let your experience teach you why it’s best for you to go on with your life this way. As for me, experience has truly been an effective teacher.

And we, here at Vegan in a Nutshell, hope to continually share those positive experiences with you.

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